Dimension Energy Services offers integrated services under the Pipeline Safety Act and Clean Air Act for our customers covering inspection, compliance and maintenance of existing energy assets and construction services for discrete projects to support the growth of the energy industry.

Integrity Management

Poorly maintained machinery is a significant cause of unplanned downtime and unexpected safety and environmental events. At Dimension Energy Services, we use a variety of diagnostic tools, including inspection, testing, calibration, as well as education tools, such as safety training, prevention plans and impact studies in case of inclement environmental issues, to provide you the best asset reliability solutions for petroleum and pipeline operations.

Our Integrity Services cover traditional field inspection services with analytical services to provide an integrated service offering for asset reliability.

Integrated Integrity Management Life-cycle flow chart

Pipeline and Facility Inspection Services

Whether your project requires a single pipeline or facility inspector, our experienced, dedicated team of professionals can offer multiple solutions with in-depth knowledge of the petroleum and pipeline construction industry. Our inspection services include:
  • Run Design
  • Pig Selection
  • Assistance In-line Inspection
  • Analysis Review
  • Mitigation Program Design and Rehabilitation
  • AC Mitigation
  • Locating
  • GIS Surveys and Mapping
  • Corrosion
  • Class Review; Encroachment
  • One Calls

Corrosion Inspection and Prevention

Corrosion is a natural enemy of steel structures and can cause failure of your assets. We provide the best defense against corrosion to extend structure life and reduce downtime.

Equipment Testing and Calibration

Reliable calibration services can prevent drifting and inaccuracies and ensure that equipment continues to meet its manufacturer’s specifications. Our testing and calibration services will benefit your organization through a full range of solutions and supports:
  • Hydrostatic or Pneumatic
  • Cathodic Protection Assessment
  • Measurement – Natural Gas and Liquids
  • Overpressure Protection

Compliance Training & Education

Regulatory compliance is an area of increasing importance in the oil and gas industry. We can help your company improve business process efficiency while ensuring full regulatory compliance. Our compliance training & education services include:
  • Safety Training, Audits, Manuals and Programs
  • Operator Qualification Evaluations, Training & Programs
  • Emergency Response
  • Public Awareness

Environmental Engineering

We can help you understand all aspects of industry-specific environmental compliance requirements and commit to sustainable solutions and environmental considerations while working with natural resources. Our environmental engineering services include:
  • Regulatory Assessment and Compliance
  • Spill Prevention, Containment and Countermeasures
  • Storm Pollution Prevention Plans
  • Air Quality Compliance and Permitting
  • Impact Studies

Power & Mechanical

Our experienced engineers can help you maintain reliable performance of complex power and mechanical systems, so that you are able to lower operational costs, increase equipment reliability, and improve productivity. Our power & mechanical services include:
  • Fittings & Valves, Communication Systems, Meters and Controls Replacement
  • Valve Replacement, Piping Repairs, Filter Replacements, Control Recalculations, Insulation Repair

A Dimension of Excellence

Our experienced, reliable professionals deliver high-quality work in a timely manner to meet our clients’ service needs in the oil & gas industry. We possess the specialized skills and state-of-the art equipment to carry out your project in an environment where both employees and public safety are top priorities. You can review our asset reliability services brochure to see every service we offer in each of our asset reliability categories.

Our expertise extends beyond asset reliability – Dimension Energy Services was built to serve our clients for a lifetime with our comprehensive energy services.