Sales Team Members

Manoel Urquidi - Dimension Energy Services

Manoel Urquidi

Manager – Sales and Administrative

Manoel Urquidi serves as the Sales and Administrative Manager of the Permian division at Dimension Energy Services. In his role, he oversees business development/sales, marketing, operations and administrative functions for the division.

Mike O'Gorman

Mike O’Gorman

General Manager – Wheeler

Mike O’Gorman possesses more than 20 years of extensive experience in the oil and gas industry. He currently serves as General Manager at Dimension Energy Services, where he enjoys the challenges that his job brings, as well as working at a family-oriented company.

Jack Maki - Dimension Energy Services

Jack Maki

Director of Corporate Sales

Jack Maki serves as the Director of Corporate Sales at Dimension Energy Services. In his current role at Dimension, he handles corporate sales for most of Houston. Maki possesses extensive experience in the corporate sales areas of pipeline coating and pipeline construction.

Terry Talley - Dimension Energy Services

Terry Talley

Director of Sales & Estimation

Terry Talley serves as National Sales and Estimation Director for Dimension Energy Services. He covers a wide territory to bring in new customers and new business opportunities for the company, while being based in San Antonio. Talley brings extensive leadership and business development experience that he has acquired over the past 38 years.

Tracey Hayden

Tracey Hayden

Sales Manager

Tracey Hayden, Sales Manager with Dimension, has 10 years of experience in oil and 7 in gas services. She specializes in exploration software, lighting, cathodic protection, pig-tracking equipment, and anodes. Tracey is also a fabrication expert, specializing in skid packages for both land and offshore.